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Monday, March 25, 2013

Repetition and Ritual

Opening tomorrow!

I'm part of a new exhibit, Repetition and Ritual, New Sculpture in Fiber, curated by artist Sonya Yong James, in the Fowler Gallery at The Hudgens Center for the Arts, in Georgia. The show concentrates itself on dimensional fiber works that 

"center specifically on the creative act as personal obsession. James states, “Some of the artists deliberately seek out the meditative qualities of repetitive activity to express their ideas, while the repetition found in other artist’s work is an aesthetic result of their process. A prescribed order of assembling, manipulating and presenting materials borders on ceremony for these artists.”

Yes. Exactly.

Red Collection will be there:

and Contagious:

Click here for links to the work of the fascinating artists that I'll be privileged to be showing with.

And a lovely mention in ArtDaily.org!

March 26 - May 25, 2013

6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy Bldg 300
Duluth, Georgia

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dreamt of...

Does remembering, which is all we can do with passing time, make everything and everywhere too much like a dream?

Some places are more like that than other places.

I don't think this garden, part of the Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach, was meant to be like this, it was designed and mapped and constructed and cultivated.

But it seems like something imagined from the real world, wherever that is, composed behind our eyelids from flowers seen and dreamt and reinvented.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thump-thump Thump-thump...

Thank you to American Craft Magazine, for including my Red Blooming Biotope in the Collective Unconscious feature in their February March issue. It's never a small thing to see my work in a favorite magazine, ever.

My heart did go thump thump thump.