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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flamingo Gardens

We traveled to Davie late last year, down south and way, way west, to Flamingo Gardens.
Where we saw the dozing, boiled-shrimp-pink symbols of Florida, (more often made of plastic and poked into front yard gardens). They aren't native birds, but they are Florida. Much like we are.

 I love any place with a Giant Orange:

and plants that seem made-up:

and trees and a cottage straight out of Grimm:

And peacocks where you would expect the squirrels to be.

And there's the white peacock, not albino, but born with a genetic mutation, leucism. He preens, he struts, he displays, but no other peacock pays him any attention. There's no point to it, I guess.

He's like a ghost there, of no use to the others, but so beautiful, maybe more beautiful, in his singularity. 


Claudia Piranio said...

Thank you for your lovely review. We are so glad that you enjoyed your visit and appreciate all the beauty around here.

Amy Gross said...

I love it there, and not just for its beauty. I didn't mention the wonderful work you do with your rescued birds and animals. I wish there were more places here like Flamingo Gardens.

Daydreamer said...

Wow, Amy! So Beautiful! And so lush and so Foreign! Anywhere with banyan trees and moss on branches and peacocks everywhere has my swooning adoration! Your pictures of the peacocks are wonderful.... and your description.... "where you would expect a squirrel to be"... is just so completely apt.... and defines how different these two parts of the world are! The flamingos are also so iconic.... and so Not Here.... except in their plastic statuette... it is intriguing to see them standing all curled up in the water! What a wonderful place to be able to visit! Thank you for bringing us along!

Amy Gross said...

B, it's so different from where I live, even though it's not so far away. You don't exactly feel like you're stepping back in time, because they do such good work with their rescued birds and animals. So it's very much a necessary part of the "now". But you can truly get the sense of what South Florida would look like if it hadn't been part of a building boom, maybe if the Flagler trains had come much much later. That's part of its magic, I think, that demonstration of how intensely intricate Florida can be.