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Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Studio

New year, so many things between last year and now. But first, a new studio. The same room, re-made.

the latest in a series of ugly chairs, (jolie-laid, at best), it was
the last of its set at a resale shop. How was it orphaned?

You don't really need a certain room to make art, I worked on my coffee table for five years. But it can be a place where you keep things in and keep things out, a sieve for what matters to you. What ever that is.


Patty said...

Everything looks stunning Amy. What a great space to create in!

Daydreamer said...

Hi Amy!
I LOVE your new/old studio! It looks so elegant and orderly and full of inspiring details as usual! I spot some new little "orbs" and love the moth wings! Best of all is seeing your Blue Barn/mini studio set up there!!! Can we have a new tour? LOL!
This glimpse of your work/dream place inspires me to "sift" through the rubble in mine and try to make a little more beauty in the mundane! It's wonderful to see you here again!

Shana Kohnstamm said...

Warm, inviting and functional... isn't that what we all want out of our studios?!

Beautiful space and photos. Thanks for sharing.

rosanna said...

Amy !!!
so nice to see you back :o)))
I love your craft/studio room. It is so full of lovely intriguing details, I would never stop to look at the pics.
It is serendipitous too, I posted my own working place today.
I do love coincidences and I wait for your news

Amy Gross said...

So happy to hear from my friends - thank you for bearing with me during my blogging sabbatical? absence? MIA? - I have to catch up with your worlds - and rejoin our universe. I've missed you.