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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Wynwood is a neighborhood north of downtown Miami. There are galleries there, many of them, and shops, and restaurants, recording studios, production companies, and other kinds of think-tanks tucked in behind its walls and doors. But it's just as accurate to say that it's a life-sized sketchbook, and you can crawl along its pages.

It's all a collage of the curated and of chance and opportunity, of stickers and spray paint and fallen leaves, 



 at eye level.

While you're there it feels like a place completely made-up, especially on a day in the off-season when the clouds are dark and low, like cotton balls sticky with glue in a shoe box diorama. 

And even better, the next time you go it will be entirely different, as if you had imagined it all.

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Daydreamer said...

What a fascinating place, Amy! The art on the outside of the buildings..... turned inside-out... makes you wonder what the inside is like! It makes me think of Rome in the sense that it is the opposite.... there the walls are blank and shut you out... but the insides are spectacularly beautiful... here you are given such a colorful public display... but no idea what the insides are like! I assume that most of the walls in that neighborhood are anonymous street art? It is really such a vibrant enclave!